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What Is Included In The Pro Plan?

Once you're In Internet Accelerator you will have access to the Ecom Discord Group, Access to Glitches & Winning Products, Unlimited Trade Access, Access to Educational Tools, Access To All Chat Rooms, Access to Options Alerts, Access to Swing Alerts, Access To Live Trading, Access To Sports Betting Signals, Access To Expert Sales Reps, Access To Crypto Alerts, Access To Watchlists, and so much more!

Who Runs Internet Accelerator?

Internet Accelerator is ran by a team of multi-millionaire entrepreneurs. The company is owned by Luca Netz & Benny Billz.

Why Is The Price $99/Month?

Our prices are set at $99 per month to allow almost anyone the opportunity to learn and grow as an entrepreneur without having to spend a fortune. Our expert team of entrepreneurs is here to provide top-notch value without draining your pockets.

How Do I Gain Access?

Once you have purchased the Pro Plan you will gain access to our Discord where you will be able to learn from real entrepreneurs who have generated millions of dollars in all sorts of different niches.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by simply contacting our support team at

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